Dead Lord

Rock. From Sweden.

Formed in 2012, Dead Lord is a true labour of love for vocalist /guitarist and main songwriter Hakim Krim. Having left his previous band to follow his own musical direction, he gathered his friends Olle Hedenstrom (guitars), Tobias Lindkvist (bass) and Adam Lindmark (drums) and together they churned out Dead Lord’s ’70s-flavoured first album, Goodbye Repentance. Owing their sound to Krim’s very healthy Thin Lizzy influence, the record set the wheels in motion for what would become their all-important second outing, Heads Held High, marking the band’s major label debut as they made the move from High Roller Records to Century Media.

Sweden’s infamous rockers DEAD LORD are excited to reveal the news that they have completed recording their third album.

Drummer Adam Lindmark discloses, “We’ve been entrenched in Cuervo Recording Service’s studio in Madrid, Spain for the last week to put down what will become Dead Lord’s third album. And here’s a spoiler for you: It sounds dynamite! We once again teamed up with Ola Ersfjord to record and co-produce, whom we’ve worked with on every Dead Lord release to this day, and by now he’s a big part of how we want to sound. We’re cruising all over the spectrum with this album, having recorded some of our hardest songs, which will make you clench your fist and bang your head instantly, as well as some really sensitive tunes that will make your eyes water and reminisce about better days. We can’t wait to have this great piece of music out, and get on the roads with the new material!”

Meanwhile this third album named “In Ignorance We Trust” is released.


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